An ancient and secret herbal method of extracting a minimum of ten different plants in liquid format to preserve their highly active health properties.


The word Decottopia originates from the Greek word “deka” (ten), hence, the meaning of the word is “therapy of the ten plants”.

Decottopia was invented in the time of the Renaissance, during the first half of the 15th century, by a small Swiss Protestant community that settled in the Langhe hills in the Piedmont region of northern Italy. 

In those years, the members of this community were able to create herbal preparations that had remarkably strong health qualities. These liquid herbal extracts, rich in active ingredients, preserve their qualities throughout the years in a completely natural way, as opposed to mother tinctures or syrups, without the use of sugar, alcohol and preservatives. As the centuries went by, this religious minority was gradually taken over by the Catholic majority and Decottopia became the secret production of only one family named Bonardo.

Decottopia is indeed a secret herbal preparation since it is prepared using refined treatments and special techniques that scrupuolously select component types and product combinations. Throughout the centuries, the custodian, who is also responsable for the evolution of the formula, is in charge of passing it on from generation to generation, and is considered the one and only witness, sole heir and treasurer of the family secret.

The Bonardo family began selling Decottopia at the start of the 17th century, when it was common for the sale of herbal treatments to be door to door. This sales practice was kept in place until about the end of the 1980’s.

History shows that at the end of the 18th century, Giuseppina Bonardo – whose father Giacomo had passed on to her the secret – married Marcello Balestra. It is at this time that the Decottopia producers changed name from Bonardo to Balestra, and relocated their operations to the Veneto region. Since 1911, Decottopia has become the main activity of the Balestra Company, which, through their door to door sales activity, has been able to successfully spread its products throughout Italy.

In 1927, the formula passed on to Adelaide Balestra, who was the first born child of Giuseppina and Marcello. In this same year, Adelaide married Rodolfo Mech and from that moment on the company was named “Balestra & Mech”. Since then, Balestra & Mech has grown to become the very important herbal nutritution company that it is today.

Therefore Decottopia is not simply a tradition rediscovered from ancient textbooks and inspired by important figures of high caliber such as Galeno and Paracelso. Decottopia is a herbal tradition, that has been passed on from generation to generation, whose method has continued to evolve with advanced medical and scientific research making it today a most innovative solution to a healthy lifestyle and natural state of well being.


The philosophy for health and well being

Decottopia is not a herbal pharmaceutical product but rather a herbal food supplement that aims to improve your nutrition and optimize your physical and mental well being. Decottopia does not contain isolated active ingredients for the treatment of disease as are present in pharmaceutical drugs Decottopia is part of the forgotten traditional medicine used in Western countries before the discovery of the active components. The consolidated experience built over the centuries in creating this method that partitions a minimum of ten plants into the Decottopia Herbal Extracts, not only minimizes the risk of any allergic reactions and intollerences but also promotes and creates a special synergy among the plants. Therefore, the more the plants are processed and partitioned, the greater the value of the final product. The use of Decottopia herbal extracts does not exclude the use of pharmaceutical drugs. On the contrary, your doctor can find the best way to use Decottopia to counterbalance the side effects of the prescription drugs needed to cure the illness.





All the active ingredients contained in each of the ten (or more) plants are extracted through a gentle process of infusion, maceration and decoction. The extract is then concentrated in a liquid format utilizing a special method of conservation that is free of sugar, alcohol and preservatives. The result is the creation of a product that is totally pure and natural not only in the stages of preparation but also in the method of conservation. Decottopia is able to combine both the scientific value of extraction and conservation of the main active ingredients found in the plants, to the poetic philosophy of the art of self-love to promote health and well being; a philosophy which is becoming increasingly rare and precious in our present times


The properties of the Decottopia products match perfectly well with the Gianluca Mech Diet features. For this reason the Gianluca Mech Diet method always associates the use of some of the following products called “functional herbal extracts” (as prescribed by your doctor):


University CoursesAt the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, the students are taught about the health applications of Decottopia, while respecting the secret of its herbal tradition.


Symbolic Trademark – The symbol of the ten-pointed star (deka), that represents the number ten as the minimum number of plants used, is marked on each bottle and on each bottle cap, in order to distinguish the Decottopia products from all other pharmaceutical drugs


Code Word: QUALITY – Decottopia products are bottled exclusively in dark tinted glass containers in order to keep their taste and organoleptic properties intact and to guarantee maximum hygiene and total isolation from the external atmosphere, even if the bottle is kept out of its packaging.


THE FLOWER TEST – Decottopia products should never be disposed of, even if they have expired. In fact, your plants and flowers will regain their lost strength and splendor with just one scoop a day of any Decottopia product.