Gianluca Mech is the only heir of a long family herbal tradition that was at the center of the science of phytotherapy in Italy since the late 16th century, in the business of healing, rejuvenating and therapeutic treatments.Since then the family has been producing liquid herbal extracts free of preservatives, sugar and alcohol, according to the family secret method, world renowned as Decottopia (therapy of the ten plants). Gianluca Mech was born in Montebello Vicentino, a small town located in the countryside near Venice. Since childhood he has helped his parents prepare herbal extracts, and at 18 years old, following his father’s passing, due to obesity, Gianluca was determined to formulate a new healthy low-carbs diet to combat the problem of overweight and obesity that affects many people around the world. It had to be based on herbs and not on excessive amounts of proteins. After 10 years of extensive research, the “Gianluca Mech Diet” was born.


Today Gianluca Mech is an ambassador of healthy eating and the personal health consultant of many Italian and international celebrities. In 2007, in cooperation with the University of Padua, Gianluca founded the “Gianluca Mech Research Center” with the objective to offer everyone the same nutritional guidance he is famous for among the italian and international celebrities. Gianluca Mech’s successful slimming program is based on the use of a combination of natural herbal extracts that speed up the metabolism, especially the one of fats, allowing you to purify the body in order to guarantee a healthy weight loss. The Gianluca Mech Diet is certified in 24 scientific published researches and is protected by an international patent valid in the USA, Canada and Europe.


Since when Gianluca Mech Diet has grew in popularity, Gianluca is often hosted by many American and international TV networks (like FOX, ABC, NBC-Telemundo, HOLA! TV, WPIX, RAI, Mediaset Italia, Mediaset Espana) on numerous TV shows like Fox Business News, Good Day NY, Good Day LA, Inside Edition, The Rhode Show, Undercover Boss, The Big Brother, etc. He has also been shot and profiled in The NY Times, The NY Post, The NY Daily News, Page Six. The National Enquirer. Radar Online, Us Weekly, Star Magazine to name a few.


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FIAO award for Gianluca Mech
“International businessman of the year”

FIAO award

“International businessman of the year” Gianluca Mech, the creator of the first Italian celebrity diet based on herbal tradition in the USA, has been delivered a award by F.i.a.o. thanks to his innovative ItalianoDiet Diet program. Many v.i.p. were present at the event taking place on 8th April in New York. Among the very special guests, Mrs. Matilda Cuomo, who has discussed with Gianluca Mech about wrong foods habits and the need to fight against obesity all over the world.


1. Gianluca Mech proudly showing his reward from F.i.a.o, along with Matilda Cuomo, the widow of the Mario Cuomo, former Governor of New York and the mother of Andrew Mark Cuomo, governor of New York since 2011.
2. Gianluca Mech shaking hands with Dr Salvatore Cumella, a member of F.i.a.o.
3. Gianluca Mech with Matilda Cuomo.

Radio interview for Gianluca Mech

Radio interview

The American experience of Gianluca Mech continues! Gianluca Mech was then interviewed at ‘La fiesta 98.5’ at Jvc broadcasting (conductor: Anamaria Cabello), at the live it up broadcast of the cbs TV station and at the radio “Long Island Radio” where he talked about the diet and the hidden sugar that leads to diabetes, the Italian diet, the reasons why he invented it, the family history and the intentions to open the American market with shops and also the saturday night Fever event of the last December.



Countdown to the Closing Bell is an American financial TV show airing on the Fox Business Network from 3-4pm ET and hosted by Liz Claman.




“In the Rhode Show Kitchen today, we welcome Gianluca Mech, the creator of “The Italiano Diet” making Spring Mech Fusilli.”

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Gianluca was a guest at Fox Business News on Friday, January 19th to talk about the Italiano Diet products and his projects in America


Brooklyn Reporter

Brooklyn Reporter
“Stayin’ alive — 2001 Odyssey disco to be reborn for one night to mark “Saturday Night Fever” 40th anniversary”

The evening will be hosted by Italian television personality Gianluca Mech and will feature performances by the Tramps, Carol Douglas, Randy from the Village People and others.

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Broadway World
Fans to Celebrate 40th Anniversary of SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER in Brooklyn, 12/13

A devoted fan and millionaire from Italy, Gianluca Mech, who has seen the movie over 30 times, rented the disco and hired the bands so Brooklyn-ites and fans could put their boogie shoes on again after 40 years.

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New York Post

“I will recreate the ‘Saturday Night Fever’ disco”

“Saturday Night Fever” is staying alive — thanks to an eccentric Italian millionaire.
For the movie’s 40th anniversary on Wednesday, self-professed “Fever” freak Gianluca Mech is flying in from Rome to transform a nondescript Chinese restaurant — the site of the real-life 2001 Odyssey Disco that inspired the film — at 64th Street and Eighth Avenue in Bay Ridge. And he’s shelling out $200,000 to do it.

“It’s quite a lot of money, but it’s worth it. It’s been my dream since I was a child to dance where ‘Saturday Night Fever’ was done,” said Mech, 48, a nutritionist and herbalist who’s been called the Richard Simmons of Italy. “At 10 [years old], I said, ‘I want to come to New York and dance.’ People thought I was crazy. And look at me now.”

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Travel + Leisure

“The Disco From ‘Saturday Night Fever’ Is Reopening — for One Night Only will recreate the ‘Saturday Night Fever’ disco”

The person responsible for this disco fever reenactment is Gianluca Mech, an Italian millionaire who claims to have seen the film more than 30 times. The New York Postreports that he dropped a cool $200,000 to recreate this childhood fantasy, commissioning a bespoke white three-piece suit from Dolce and Gabbana.

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Staying Alive: Pop-Up Club Celebrates 40th Anniversary of “Saturday Night Fever” in Bay Ridge

The brainchild of Italian TV personality Gianluca Mech, the event coincided with the 40th anniversary of the cinema classic, which portrayed the life of a young Italian-American in Bay Ridge, working by day and dancing by night. Judging from the crowd, folks were excited to celebrate.

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NY Daily News

NY Daily News
Bay Ridge to show its deep love for disco with ‘Saturday Night Fever’ tribute party

The dance floor on which Travolta, as Tony Manero, did the hustle and the bus stop was lit up once again thanks to Gianluca Mech, a devoted fan and businessman who has seen the movie more than 30 times.

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Wednesday Night Fever: The One-Night Return of the 2001 Odyssey Disco

This was the passion project of Gianluca Mech, an Italian TV personality who’s been described as the Richard Simmons of Italy. He says he saw Saturday Night Fever when he was eight years old, and since then, it’s been his dream to come to New York City and dance. Last night, he made it happen.

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