The Gianluca Mech Diet is unique, in comparison to other diets, because all its meals have been successfully patented in the United States, Canada and Europe. The Gianluca Mech Diet offers an extensive range of meals and snacks with a choice of both sweet and salty foods. All products are innovative and unique because they are enriched with natural ingredients from medicinal plants following an italian herbal tradition, which guarantees a healthy way to lose weight. (please refer to scientific published researches for details and results)


Our products are enriched with the following plant categories:

• Plants that RELIEVE HUNGER PANGS (Griffonia): help control hunger pangs and improve your mood

• DIURETIC action plants (Lespedeza): reduce the water retention

• ANTI-OXIDANT action plants (Cantaloupe): help maintain the skin beautiful during the slimming process

PERISTALTIC and EMOLLIENT action plants (Mallow, Frangula): help move ingested food through the intestinal tract

• DIGESTIVE and CARMINATIVE action plants (Star Anise, Fennel): help digestion and fights the abdominal bloating

• PROTEOLYTIC action plants (Papaya, Pineapple): help the digestion process and the breakdown of proteins so that they can be better assimilated to ensure optimal nutrition during weight loss

• CHOLERETIC, COLAGOGUE, and PROTECTIVE HEPATIC action plants (Artichoke, Dandelion): help purify the body and increase the elimination of waste products from the liver and kidneys while protecting these organs that have a very important role in the slimming process. In addition these plants help bile secretion and its flow towards the small intestine